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Giant Meteoric Cow

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Giant Meteoric Cow

It is, in fact, quite unlikely that there ever was such a thing as a Giant Meteoric Cow. None the less, rumors do get started. One way or another, news of a "large space-borne bovine heavenly body" reached the ears of the leaders of ancient Zonardia.


In order to save their land, the Zonardians fused together 7 gigantic chunks of rubian along with 50 Quasar hearts to create the Star Dragon's Heart, a huge and perfect glowing white jewel that emitted incredible power. By harnessing the elemental power of the SDH they were able to awaken the Allsoul of the country itself and transchant it into a gigantic ambulatory landmass.


After such a huge display of blantant belief in Meteoric Cows, the rumor obviously persisted. After that, Meteoric Cow was indeed known to occassionally fall upon unsuspecting peasants throughout Battal, but it is rather suspected (and hinted) that these cows are probably dropped from the passing Zonardia, flying high overhead and dropping cows (perhaps to save face).


Zonardians were later thrilled when The Sickle and The Shield were broken into 16 island-states by the Geotelespacial Fractarent, which missed Zonardia by miles. They insist that the Geotelespacial Fractarent was in fact, the Giant Meteoric Cow - albiet 57,013 (or 9,013) yearicles later then they had anticipated it. Zonardia's govenrment spent the entire span of The Great Breakening gloating over their foresight, although most would say it was just lucky coincidence on their parts.


Where this Cow came from no one is quite sure but one theory by noted crackpot astrolonomer Orwin Gernal links it to the insane plans Gambol and Brathymide.

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