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An ancient race, originally residents of The Valley of the Giants, and often inherently skilled in channeling elemental abilities (or forging equipment imbued with elemental power), but hardly ever skilled in Elemenstation. A giant Elemenstor is a rarity indeed.



After the destruction of their ancestral home in the Million Year War, the Giants lived in the foothills of the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow for thousands of years until the birth of Brothic Gandlebar. He led them, along with the Trolls, to conquer Blee in the Great War of Magiks and Things (known to Giant and Troll historians as the Great War of Magiks and Trolls and Giants and Various Well-Armed Armies of Many Nations) and establish the short-lived Giant kingdom of Bron, but they were defeated and afterwards had no real homeland, though there was a large resettlement in the Wang Mountains. There is also a group of giants known as the Korleyn Giants which live on an island off the eastern coast of the Sickle.


Religion and Society

The Giants practice a religion called Petramina, which is concentrated on the worship of the elements Life, Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Their society is bound to their religion, and has always been a theocracy, though mostly a benevolent one. They are organized into five tribes, each dedicated to the worship of a particular element, and each tribe is led by a Prelate. The five Prelates and the head of their religion and society, the Servant of the Elements, form the Giant's Council, their ruling body. Since the Great War, they have been few in number and their population is unlikely to grow quickly due to a barely sustainable birthrate.


Rumors and Legend

Since Giants are rare indeed in Battal and since the Great War very seldom leave their settlements in the mountains, little is known about them by most inhabitants. This does not stop various characters from various ELotH:TES works from referencing them and either repeating rumors or claiming to speak authoritatively.


Various Rumors about Giants

  • Giants are rumored to look much like Men, albeit twice the size and thrice the girth.
  • Giants are also rumored to be absolutely ordinary men with a few extra inches of height. One proponent of this theory beleives that Giants were first spotted walking about in their Spiffy Caps by a gaggle of stoop-backed peasants. Having never seen anyone so Epic and tall, they would undoubtedly name them giants. (Others dispute this theory because they think it's less cool.)
  • Giants pick their teeth with trees and have dragon bones for breakfast.



Huh? That's not logical, especially if we consider that the legs of a Giant would snap. Also, person twice the size of man, would be eight times heavier, not three!
How dare you criticise Tycho Brahe's brilliant creations!!! Vendetta, Vendetta!
Well.. they are just rumors after all..

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