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Ginnerfar Notallthere

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Ginnerfar Notallthere


Son of Frogeater Notapuppet.


Many of the Magic Sword Kings had serious mental problems. Ginnerfar, however, was the only one who was severely mentally retarded. While most dismissed his battle cry of "I'm a Pony!" as simply stupid, Ginnerfar did, at times, believe himself to be a pony, which, ultimately, ended his eight-day reign when he attempted to suckle on a female horse's teats, and received several blows to the head as a result. The people of the Magic Sword Kingdom were shocked that head trauma had had any effect on him.


Incidentally, Ginnerfar was regarded by most as one of the best Magic Sword Kings. The reasons for this are twofold:

1. He was too dumb to intentionally screw anything up

2. He died pretty damn quickly


King Ginnerfar was succeeded by his nephew, Bartholomeu Chairglued the son of his younger brother Spheven Birdcrazy.

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