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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 116 (Incomprehensibly Nasty)


A group of nineteen collosal beasts, created by the Wizard, Mardrangion and several Borner and Stoner comrades to seal the soul of the black Dyemon, Belchazar. They were gigantic fusions of Earth, Life, Stream, and Blood.


Each Ginormo was fashioned into its own unique shape, carried 1/19th of Belchazar's essence, and was programmed to kill anything on sight. The area of the Sickle they ruled over was soon bereft of any sort of higher lifeforms, and only the foolish and suicidal dared to tresspass upon their territory.


That is, until Vander Eyemless decided that Belchazar would be just the perfect sort of guy to bring back his dead girlfriend back to life. With his glowing blade, Stonecleaver, he single-handedly slew each one of the incredibly huge beasts by crawling up their gross body hair and stabbing them in the brain.


The story of the Ginormo are covered in the ElemenstorLance novel, Big Trouble in the Little Sickle.


The Nineteen Ginormo

01 Angus the Minotaur

02 Troia the Sofa

03 Loachar the Catfish

04 Winipooh the Bear

05 Sham the Eagle

06 Silverfang the Wolf

07 Terraror the Tortoise

08 Bwayne the Bat

09 Asba the Lion

10 Flopsy the Rabbit

11 Algernon the Rat

12 Krill the Warhorse

13 Cleeford the Dog

14 Geode the Warrior

15 Deekay the Ape

16 Bulcun the Dragon

17 Modusa the Kraken

18 Herbert the Worm

19 Jade the Superior


Non-Canonical Ginormo (i.e. Fan Fiction)

20 Shyo the Fatface

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