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Ginormous Soul

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The Ginormous Soul


The Ginormous Soul is the sum total essence of all Elemanifestations, whose individual manifestations are referred to as Allsouls. It is at the same time discorporate and yet traces of it are physically embodied in the Meecetrails of Vadimian Cliff (the highest peak in the Vadime Depths). The Vadime Disciples who worship the soul claim that it flows through and passively controls all unconscious actions, existing in all dimensions at once.


It is rumored to have originated when Harbinger Portent summoned the entire Elemantheon, calling simultaneously on the powers of the Elemanifestations associated with every facet of the Starborn Gem. It is written that this is the manner in which The Sundering was partially undone in The Unsundering, reuniting the Shield and Sickle, but failing to extend unsunderation to the Cataclysmic Bluont. This was not a failure of effort or power, but rather a lack of perception -- as Harbinger Portent was unaware of this third Sundered Bluont from the Eldritch Rift. It is widely acknowledged that should the legends of the Ginormous Soul be true, it would have been a trifle to Unsunder the realm of the Willestrian society beyond the rift.


Canonical doubts about the historical existence of the Ginormous Soul revolve around the "if it's so great, why didn't it do ..." argument. True believers in the Elemenstor Saga dismiss this with the widely-referenced Ginormous Lack of Wanting To, a higher-plane analog of laziness that mere mortals can never hope to comprehend. While we cannot know the immense, multifaceted mind of the Ginormous Soul, it is clear that while Harbinger Portent did not know of the Cataclysmic Bluont, the Soul surely did, and its lack of intervention to complete The Unsundering was almost certainly just a Ginormous Lack of Wanting To.

Oddly, although the Ginormous Soul has all the collective knowledge and power of its smaller Allsouls, most Elemanifestations carry no knowledge of it themselves. Even more oddly, the concept of a larger soul that knows all and sees all is generally considered to be a load of Hooey by most Elemanifestations, who (since they almost always meet their maker) tend to think of their animation as having to do more with science than faith.

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