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GLBT Elemenstor Fan Club

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GLBT Elemenstor Fan Club


A surprisingly large and well-organized group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered fans that are organized through the Pink Citadel website. Aside from organizing conventions, the website is also host to professional interviews, reviews of nearly every piece of ELotH:TES-related media, and a humorous question and answer column.


The club is often debating whether Fancy Men are actually a gay analogue or just a weird coincidence, and arguing with others over the sexual preferences of Trafficant the Sly.


GLBTEFC conventions are rather like most Elemenstor Fan conventions, except most attendees have slightly better hygene and put a little more effort into their costumes.


Due to a strange string of events involving overbooked convention space, the GLBTEFC has had a running feud with the Friends of Furniture Freedom club for over half a decade.


Occasionally, the GLBTEFC will organize for gay rights issue, but the only thing people take less seriously than a group of protestors is a group of protestors wearing pointed hats and wielding staves and cardboard tubes.

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