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Once spoken prodominantly throughout Shadia and into The Kingdom of Parsonya, much of the Glitky dialect was lost during the obliteration of the two nations during the Vampyric Wars. We do know that the language consits of of only ten characters and thankfully all those ten characters are seen in "Tallows Pire", as in the Cave of Tallows Pire. Much more than an alphabet consisting of a, e, i, l, o, p, r, s, t, w and sometimes y little is known about Glitky. The syntax and semantics of the language are a loss for us. It is perhaps unique amongst languages in that the word "Glitky" cannot be written or pronounced by someone speaking Glitky, leading some to suspect that the term "Glitky" is a corruption of another word in the Glitky tongue. However the most likely possible replacements for the "G" and "k" (given the limited alphabet) are "Plitry" and "Tlitry", both of which are known to be considered obscenities of the highest order.


Reconstructed Glitky:


English Glikty


Apple Resrepet
Bad Atpororot
Beauty Poropaps
Beginning Attallows
Big Sati
Bush Atsatiwirps
End Tallows
Eternal Satiatarepes
Flower Poropapawirps
Good Pororot
House Alollipire
Love Polpororot
Man Elollis
No Atporo
Peace Parsoni
Place Pire
Quickness Rapas
Slowness Atarepes
Sleep Hsorip
Small Atsati
Sword Sillaslop
Tree Satiwirps
Ugliness Atporpaps
Vampyre Watporolollis
War Atpororotsillas
Woman Alollis
Yes Poro
Is Sprot
To Lorp
Overwhelming Yore

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