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Graha Assassins

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The Graha Assassins


Named after, and founded in, a now-lost kingdom from The Magic Sword Kings Period, the Graha Assassins espoused oaths of swiftness, brutality, and--unusual for assassins--cooperation. If multiple Graha Assassins were assigned to the same target (a not-uncommon event, as they were quite good), they would work together and both reap the rewards. The most that ever worked together at once reached a staggering 200, each conscripted to kill King Sc'rch'drth. Notably, to ensure that each would be paid in full, the 200 assassins split up the duties of bringing the King to death, so that it took 200 assassins' attacks to finally off the despised ruler. The agonizingly brutal death he suffered was recounted in the poem King Sc'rch'drth and his Miserable Groaning Howling Death.

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