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Graha, one of the twelve realms of The Magic Sword Kings Period, lies in the northeastern part of The Shield. The realm had the distinction of being populated almost solely by highly skilled and trained assassins. The Graha Assassins were so adept in the trades of secrecy, stealth, and subterfuge that visiting dignitaries would often mistakenly think that the kingdom was uninhabited.


Due to the specialized nature of the populace of Graha, it was uniquely qualified to house the Graha School of Daigon-Taming, where one could be taught means to approach and subdue these skittish creatures.


It's longest standing ruler was Sovereign Shadomorn, a shadowy figure who ruled from before The Magic Sword Kings Period until his death in the early decades of the Vampyric Wars. A series of Clan Lords attempted to rule Graha until Lord Pomcloud XXIV took control of the land. He was never able to claim the throne himself, but his son King Pomcloud was eventually crowned, restoring Graha's place on The Kings Council.


The standing army of Graha stood bravely in the Vampyric Wars, and were one of the last realms standing of the Twelve. Unfortunately, in year 1003, Graha finally fell to the forces of the Vampyre Vhadxi, after Vhadxi personally struck down King Pomcloud in single combat.


After the war, there were those who thought that Graha would not recover. But slowly they have rebuild, still hidden from the untrained travellers passing through their lands. Graha Assassins remained among the most highly sought even into The Ending Times, even though the borders of the kingdom were greatly reduced from its largest size during The Magic Sword Kings Period.

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