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Grand Codpiece of Retaining

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Grand Codpiece of Retaining


A chrome-plated codpiece, awesome to behold, it is said that this codpiece once held the Moon-Pearls of Ovulum, before they were used as parrot food during The Sundering. That they were not re-constructed during The Unsundering has been put down as due to an epic clerical error by Elemenstorians. Lacking the Moon-Pearls of Ovulum, the Grand Codpiece of Retaining was obtained by the High-Master Pudenda.

Despite being in posession of titanic Elemenstorial forces, Pudenda was notoriously concerned about the high rate of Elemenstation-related testicle fatalities, and thus saw what was at that time The Humorously Shaped Holy Gourd of Moon-Pearl Retaining as a perfect solution.


It is ironic then that it was because of the Grand Codpiece that his genitalia were massively mutated. However, his nuts remained safe, and so he felt that the price had been worth paying.

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