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Great Elemenstation War

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Great Elemenstation War

The Great Single Day War of Year 20,033


This is a work in progress, but don't let that stop you from filling in gaps if I don't have the edit lock




Started and ended one day in 20,033, this war is considered incredibly epic. Like many Epic Wars in Battal heroes and villains and neutrally important people through the ages claim to have participated in it. Oddly enough, for the most part, due to the strange effects of the Epicness Vacuum drawing Epic people throughout the history of battal to participate, most of them are telling the truth. It is thought that this is where the whole idea of ridiculously unsubstantiated claims by people aspiring to Epicness claiming to have participated in famous historical events came from.


Paradoxically, though this event had nothing to do with timesorc'ley or Timenes in itself, it is speculated that early Elemenstors were introduced to the idea of visiting other times by stories of Great Elemenstation War brought back by those who had participated in it.


Causes of the War


The Great Elemenstation War (The First one, that is) was sparked by a number of seemingly inconsequential (but really very Epic) events.


After the completion of the The College of Elemenstoration it very shortly made it's first move to a small village called Bleewood, famous for it's specialty cheese factory. The sudden appearance of the College in this area sparked a dramatic economic boom, expanding the small village into the thriving metropolis of Blee within the course of a decade. Due to the reliance on the college (and the nobility of many of the staffers and students), the "Dean of Elemanifestorationing" ((I forget his name right now)) was effectively in control of the entire city.


In these days Blee had a bustling business in industries that were geared towards staff and students of the College including Furniture Manufacturing thrived, along with Hat Making, Specialty Book Printing, Cheese Smithing and The Distilling of Fine Spirits (into spirit beer and other potent semi-magical alcoholic beverages).


Meanwhile the Scholars of the Cerulean Citadel sought to codify the various disparate studies of the Elements across Battal to create what would be called "The Codex Elemensticon." They sent out teams of Elemental Scholars accompanied by a contingent of student Elemenstors as emissaries to all of the Fathom League Schools and other important places where Elemenstation is studied.


The team sent to The College of Elemenstoration was made up of ((some people I forget, they were related to someone really important though)). When they reached the "Tavern of Elemenstoration" and tried to correct the perceived misspelling of the tavern's name, a brawl was started, the emissaries were killed and within the night the people of Blee were ready to go to war to defend the College's choice of words. This marked the official start of the Great Elemenstation War.


Within 4 hours of the drafting of the official missive to the Cerulean Citadel declaring war, The College of Elemenstoration quietly moved on to a less hostile environment. The people of Blee, left without the assumed support of the College Elemenstors. The Armies led by the Grand Elemenstor of the Cerulean Citadel rode out against the City of Blee accompanied by the head Elemenstors, most of the students and pretty much anyone that wanted to make a name for themselves who could make it there in time and a few mercenaries who figured they would probably get payed in the general confusion.


The First Great Elemenstation War

The forces converging on Blee wouldn't have really had much to do once they got there if it hadn't been for the sudden and spontaneous appearance of "millions" of Wet Foot ninjas, presumably summoned to the location by the Epicness Vacuum created by so many heroes riding out against a non-existent foe.


There was one very huge, very epic battle in and around Blee.


Meanwhile, the Twelve Scourges (also accompanied by quite a few more Wet Foot ninjas), knowing that the Cerulean Citadel had been abandoned (in one of the great historic administrative blunders when it's entire population was allowed to go to join battle against Blee and no one at all was left behind to defend) moved in and lay siege to the Cerulean Citadel. The act of laying such an Epic siege to such an incredibly huge yet entirely abandoned fortress would have created another Epicness Vacuum if it had not been for the inherent immunity of Mount Wor (from which the Citadel was hewn from living stone). Because of this Epic Lack of Epicness Vacuumness millions of armies and Epic figues from past, present and future Battal appeared across the lands of the Shield to fight arbitrary battles over whatever they happened to land near against whomever they landed near.


The End and Aftermath

When the Blee Epicness Vacuum was overfilled with Epic deeds and the Wet Foot Ninjas disappeared again. With nothing further to do everyone took a vacation, leading to the second great economic boom in Blee and it's current stigma of being "An Epic Place to Visit, but not really a place you'd want to live".


Due to the overflow of Epicness into the Blee Vacuum, the spontaneous battles happening across Battal were "reset", with anyone participating in (including dying) them to be sent back where they came from. The ludicrously immense amount of property damage wrought over the course of their battles, however, was not reset, much to everyone's dismay.




  • After everyone left, Bleewood was basically ruins and without any students to cater too it was abandoned completely.
  • It has be calculated by various purported "Epicness Experts" that the net Epicness for the war balanced out to zero in the end with all of the comings and goings, making it possibly the Second most Epicly Non-Epic event in Battal history next to The Day Absoultely Nothing of Any Import Happened.
  • The compilation of the "Codex Elemensticon" was completely abandoned in the confusion.
  • Twenty-aught-thirty-three became the unofficial title of the war and Twenty-aught-thirty-three-ers the participants. The phrase appears no less that 39 times in Book 1.
  • Gromdar Clamding emmerged as one of the great heroes of the war, although his (or her) exploits were not well defined.


Notes of references about the GEW to remind me to investigate:


Wet Foot Ninja Clan


They also appear "by the millions" to participate in the Great Elemenstation War in "Dinner with a Shelf", the final book of the "Scourges Pentadecaphron", in an attempt to assist a reputed "former ninja" (!?!?) trained in their school, the Scourge known only as "X" (main character of Chaos Resplendent: a Time for Blood).


W'lly W'st


In his 30s, he tried to use his fake magical prowess to fight in the Great Elemenstation War. The Epic carnage he witnessed on the battleground frightened him so much, that he pretty much never stopped running away from then on. He ran far and wide, from hill and dale. People could tell he'd been by because they'd seen a vaugely human-shaped gust of wind go screaming by, soiling itself - followed shortly by a gallumping Steamer Trunk. He soon became known as "The Blur" in some circles.


The Scourges Pentadecaphron - Series


The final books take a crack at accounting for the First Great Elemenstation War mentioned in The Elemenstor Saga, which came about when the Twelve joined forces in a great final battle. Since some of the Twelve died prior to this, the authors make liberal and unashamed use of timesorc'ley throughout the Pentadecaphron.


- The Doom of All Things and the End of Time

IN PLOT: Finally the last section details the horrible actions preformed with the Wand and her command of the followers of Char. It also looks in to the twisted relationship between Absinthia and Char. While the book makes it explicit that they loved each other, the portrayal of love in this book is warped and perverted from most normal definitions (involving fetishes that were specifically invented to categorize the actions in this book). Finally the book ends with the death of Harbinger Portent and Lady Absinthia at the hands of Char. As she slips into death there is long discussion of the meaningless of life and the glory of death and nothingness, however there is a premonition of her rebirth in the Great Elemenstation War.


S'yrf'yl the Immortal - was otherwise occupied at the time


Twenty-aught-thirty-three - refers to the year in which the war took place


EFWQ Tactics:


In the final battle, the Twelve Scourges unite what remains of their armies and lay siege to the Cerulean Citadel in 20,033. The Grand Elemenstors of the Cerulean Citadel hire the unnamed warrior's band to take part in what would later be known as the Great Elemenstation War, marking the Rise Of The Elemenstors.



Aftermath of Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom


The Four Underdogs, having defeated Char and his armies, go on to found the Cerulean Citadel initiating The Rise Of The Elemenstors. Char's armies would later join up with The Twelve Scourges of Battal to fight in the Great Elemenstation War. Char, as mentioned before would be resurrected as he promised and start the Hierarch Wars. The Ocumen would help the forces of good in the Hierarch Wars to defeat Char again. Aklom Reklats would be later sent into a mortal shell without any memories.



Notes from Alanamara page:


It is unknown why this particular era holds so much appeal for some of the worst authors in human history. Many fans speculate that because the ElamenSTAR anime poured so much Epicness into the time period immediately preceeding this period, and because Tycho Brahe himself poured so much Epicness into The Elemenstor Cycle which immediately follows this period, cramming truly brilliant Epicness into the Great Elemenstation War itself would cause the Epicness of Battal to reach critical mass, imploding the entire property.



Timthe piece not really mentioned is how all the armies of all the scourges of Battal were sucked in from the epic vacuum and then there was a massive war in which many elemenstors were killed but few other casualties existed because they were immediately returned to their appropriate spot in the timeline.
SinbadEVI've continued to flesh out the the article, I think I've got all the basics now. However The "Pentadecaphron" treatment of the war is a mystery to me... I'll need to figure out how it fits into Canon.
bfg00Looks good so far. I think it would be helpful to have a list of important people who were involved in the war. Also remember that although the "Pentadecaphron" is canonical, it is rather screwed up so just take everything that is said in it with a grain of salt (a rather large one at that).

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I might not have all my facts right... and I haven't started cross linking... I think I have managed to summarize the thing as closely as I could piece together... the problem is that there seems to be no actual out and out formal description of the actual battle in any of the literature I've read and I had to piece it together from all the disparate other sources.

Anonymous said

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I've gone through and linked everything in the main article. I don't really have time today to help with fleshing this out, but I will try to help out when I have time. Nice job so far.

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I had done some preliminary research for this one but was really dragging my feet on filling out the article.. thanks

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