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Great High General Warchieftain Gron

Also See: Higgerath. Siege of Arkleaf. Three Generals of the War Men


Old by War Men's reckoning Gron lived a dashing life of Battling and Warmongering, somehow finding himself alive and in the position of Great High General Warchieftain despite it all. While War Men assume that in reaching this stage Life Itself must confer some kind of wisdom upon its child, Gron unfortunately proved in 17,931 that this was not the case when he lead his entire army to their deaths upon the Gates of Arkleaf. He final words, translated roughly, read as follows:


"Give me a longer pole! Right lads, we can totally do this now!" -- Last Words of Great High General Warchieftain Gron.


Having joined the Higgerath at its inception in 17,923 Gron became increasingly bored and frustrated over the following years until finally deciding that the only way to break the siege was to vault over the gates. Of course the War Men possessed no champion sportsmen* and so this effort came to a disastrous end, countless bodies impaled on the long spikes of those gates.


Diary of Events During the Siege of Arkleaf



* Well, aside from Ruuk'K'K'u, Despiser of Wing'ed Things, winner of the axe-throwing competition countless years running.

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