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Guddboy Lad

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Guddboy Lad

Thought to be driven insane by seeing the evilest evil in Book 10, Guddboy Lad is presented as speaking only in broken sentences, a battered, unrecognizable raving.


Lad was originally a kitchen boy at the Old House of Eyekia Lane. From these humble beginnings, little did he know the rather minor role in the Hierarch Wars fate had in store for him! When Sierra Vanity inherited the old house, Guddboy began to suspect that something wasn't quite right... in the scrapes that followed, he was driven insane by the malevolent, drifting spirit of Char Reyarteb (who, in the subsequent Book 11 was found to be inhabiting the house's kitchen doorknob).


In between his rantings, ravings, and babblings, Lad somehow found time to woo and marry Sierra Vanity, and fathered the child 'Ron' - who, unlike his particularly mundane progenitor, had an Epic Destiny.


At the Battle of the Moonlit Banners towards the end of the Hierarch Wars, Sierra Vanity was killed. Lad swore (or gabbled) vengeance, but was killed in a single blast of Dark Elemenstation by Char Reyarteb at the Battle of Freedom's Peril. Reyarteb was then slain by Ron, who was revealed to be a descendant of the Magic Sword Kings of old. A rather ineffectual character aside from his procreative capabilities, Guddboy proves that just because you're a kitchen boy doesn't mean that you're the One destined to save the land. You may just be good at making soup.


It has been suggested that in the Finnish translation Guddboy Lad is in fact an intelligent and loveable character, and his lunacy in the English is simply a mistranslation of the dialect he spoke in the Finnish.


I recall a thread on alt.fan.elemenstors that was exploring the possibility that Guddboy Lad and the Recliner of Botany might be the same entity--that Guddboy Lad was in fact a furnithrope. I recall there was a lot of heated debate. Did anyone ever come to a decision on that front? I understand, of course, that there's always a little bit of wishful thinking when an otherwise minor character has a chance to be a little bit more epic. -Shadowtext


I always liked the intentional (playful?) ambiguity in the text. It's sort of one of those unanswered questions (like, is Decker a replicant?) that is more fun without an answer. -tim

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