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Gunt the Half-brained

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Gunt the Half-Brained


Gunt was a historical King of Battal.

Harbinger Portent discovered his diary in Book 1.


Excerpts from the text:


With trembling hands, Harbinger Portent lifted the hefty tome and turned to his trusty Dresser.

"At last," said he, "we shall unearth the mighty secrets of the past that have for so long lain in darkness!" Portent carfully opened the cover, layers of dust from the ages sliding off it like oil off marmalade. Faded but carefully lettered runes could be seen on the first page. Harbinger Portent read:

From the Deske of Gunt the Half-Brainde

With baited breath, Portent turned to the next page.

Dar Dairy, Raling kigdon is hard

The rest of the diary was covered in ancient saliva. Portent closed the book and quitely set it aflame with a potent spell.

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