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A ram-horned sombrero which was worn by Sepathok. While most sombrero's in Battal have either no horns or Ord horns the Hajcha has on it two real ram horns. Sepathok found the hat in a novelty hat store in Middleclang and liked the way it looked on him so much that he bought it and kept it with him until his demise; always risking his life to get the hat if he lost it.


It is of note that while the Hajcha is not magical, it did make Sepathok look really cool. So much so that Sepathok regularly slept in the hat, not wanting to lose the air of awesomeness the hat bestowed. This led to an epic case of hat hair which meant that if Sepathok did remove the hat his mystique would be ruined by the terrible condition of his hair.

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