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Halmarg the Misogynistic

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Halmarg the Misogynistic

Ironically, Halmarg considered himself a great lover of women. This self professed love drove him to seek out and subdue women who did not match his expectation of traditional roles for Women Folk, which were rather limited.


As a result of his self appointed quest to bring down women in power, or even merely independantly minded women, he earned his title, and although there were several groups of men who secretly wished him well on his quest, this was never admitted in polite company. It is indeed odd that he was never apprehended for his actions, since they were often clearly illegal, and he was never known to be on the run or in hiding (A common excuse was, "He usually goes after the bad ones").


Halmarg's self professed title is Knight of the Magic Sword Kings, but there is no recorded official affiliation anywhere in historic records.


Most notable of Halmarg's positive achievements is the defeat of Armba Alomba.

(Twice actually)

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