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Hammer Wars

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The Hammer Wars

Early in the year 10,718, Kroneklieve the last of the Hammer Barons (who would later be known as Kroneklieve the Idiot) issued a drunken challenge to Haul, the last of the Hammer Lords, who was his former ally in the war against the Rhaja Lord.


"Dear Haul... My hammerlings are ten times the warriors that your types could ever be. You smell bad and your hammers are totally wussy and you poop on yourself."


Kroneklieve was certain that vanquishing foe as formidable as the mighty minotaur would win a measure of respect for him and his people, and he was correct. This would have won him a great deal of respect.


Down from the higher plains, the mighty Haul (who was looking for another war after the recent tragic death of his twin, Gaul) along with the last of the Hammer Lord's troops, fell upon the lands of the Nearly Flat Mountains of Urgel. The Plain Hammerlings, who had been training intensively for days by pounding large rocks into much smaller rocks, were at their stations waiting when the minotaur warriors arrived with vengance for the slight against them at the tops of their on their todo list.


Before the battle began, the minotaur took up a position in a high meadow and Haul went forth the first discuss the rules of engagement with Kroneklieve. This would be the Hammer Baron's last chance to make amends and possibly avoid a costly war. Being nervous, Kroneklieve could not face the Hammer Lord sober.


After exchanging a few insults, Haul went back to gather his forces. The minotaur's bloodlustiness was high as they had fed on the Hammerling's Weed,


Haul lead the first charge, carrying both his hammer and that of his brother Gaul.


The first battle of the Hammer Wars ended before it began. A landslide of large rocks, piled in a great mound for breaking into gravel, broke loose and divided the battlefield, leaving the minotaur and hammerling forces divided and unable to reach each other.


This began a campaign of rock crushing which was waged by both sides, in order to cut a path to the opposing force.


This lasted for several days, and is the setting for most of the tales that take place during the hammer wars.


On the last day of rock pounding, which was also filled with name calling over the pile, Kroneklieve came to the front lines, wanting to be there to lead his forces in person when they finally broke through.


The final battle of the Hammer Wars was moments away. Crushing the final rock with a mighty pound from both sides, a great cloud of dust roiled forth engulfing the choke point on the field where all units converged.


Little is know what happened in this grey cloud of rock dust, but when the debris settled, most of the hammerlings had been flattened brutally. Kroneklieve's forces were completely routed by the minotaur, who suffered few casualties.


After the Hammerlings were wiped out, the neighboring lands were said to have gotten the best nights sleep within the memory of all but the oldest.


The Stickius Ickius consumed by the minotaur before the great battle of the Hammer Wars caused great gastronomic distress in the beasts. Many brave Minotaur and their proud Hammer Lord died shortly after the Hammer Wars.

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