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Hand of Ancev

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Hand of Ancev

The hand of Ancev is the left hand of the dreaded Darth-Lich Ancev who won't tell people how it was lost. He also pretends to know nothing about it, saying the stump was always there. I think he's very sensitive about the matter so you shouldn't press him about it lest he go into the Darkest Dark of Umbra and cry to himself and he won't speak to you for like a week. Anyone that's idiotic enough to attach it to there own stump on their left arm will have such powers as:

  • Turning to the Most Evilist of Evil
  • Becoming a Megalomaniac
  • Crying to oneself because of how depressing the world is
  • Write crappy goth poetry
  • Cry again
  • Try and conquer all the lands of Battal
  • Kill oneself because life is too harsh and unfair and you obviously couldn't succeed at the above point.

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