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Harbinger Portent

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Harbinger Portent

b. 4,002

d. 17,909


Harbinger woke up in a forest, slightly dazed, with his ambulatory dresser. The two continued there (sic) ever questing journey.


Harbinger Portent, known in some circles as the Unsunderer, is generally considered the father of High Elemenstation.


Born in year 4,002 in Pizzlemoore to the wealthy Onsah family, his parents Yenomon and Yenomfokcal named him Ynitsed. Young Ynitsed Onsah wanted for nothing and grew up living a carefree life in southern Mandleclang, a kingdom still prominent in the lands of Battal. When he was of age, he went out into the world to seek his fortune. The world was not a happy place. He worked many hard jobs and learned much, but found no satisfaction as he learned about the world. He continued to feel as though "the really big answers" were just around the corner, and all of his experience wasn't leading him in the right direction to find that last hidden truth. That is when young Ynitsed found a sacred text written by Harbinger Number 3,895,074 of the Many Secrets, and it changed his life.


Many years of learning "the big secrets" passed and Onsah left his previous life to join the order of the Harbinger, taking the name Harbinger Portent. The wisdom and arcane knowledge he amassed extended his life to near immortality.


It was in the year 15,678 that Harbinger Portent, smug in his mastery of knowledge about both the seen and unseen worlds, unexpectedly stumbled across the Starborn Gem, a gemstone inscribed with a language that even he had never seen before. After much time and effort, he gained from these writings the secrets of High Elemenstation. It is said that Harbinger Portent crafted this mighty gem into his Elemenstave, no doubt increasing his power manifold.


Years after his discovery, Harbinger Portent took on his first student in the ways of Elemenstation, Char Reyarteb of the oasis of Unothath. So great was his respect with his student that even when he created his Battlestaff, Siezor, which changed into a large serpent, among other abilities, Portent did not take this as a signal of his inevitable evil betrayal -- until 17,904, when Portent finally sent his student away on a long pilgrimage to "enhance his wisdom".


Finally, in the year 17,909, after a long life of study of the Starborn Gem, Harbinger Portent managed to harness its power to reconnect The Shield and The Sickle, thus earning him the name the Unsunderer and re-creating Battal (see also: The Unsundering, Mount Wor). During this amazing process, though, Char Reyarteb struck him down, and went forth to bring evil to the newly reformed land.

Millenia later, in the year 19,116, Portent was able to reform his soul as a spirit, known as the Ocumen, and aid the Four Underdogs to victory over Reyarteb at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom, even without the use of the Starborn Gem.


The details of Harbinger Portent's life, from birth to death, were covered in Tycho Brahe's Harbinger Cycle, a series of four books which were published alongside the last three books in The Elemenstor Cycle and have met with mixed reception. The final book in the series has yet to be published as of this date, as Brahe claims to be suffering from a massive case of writer's block.


Sad Harbinger Portent in Snow (The Card) should be somehow mentioned here, I feel.



The holy grail of time travelers in Battal is Harbinger Portent's autograph. To date, none have been able to get it, but many tales have been told of the attempts. There may be some sort of eulithian resonance vector which makes acquiring such a thing impossible.


Harbinger Portent was known to have multiple furniliars which he kept in his Tower of Power. Amongst these were Frank the Couch, the Grand Piano of Fate, Keister Rester, and T. F. Kushinhed. However, Portent's favorite furniliar was his faithful ambulatory dresser named Clinker. Clinker is mentioned as going everywhere with Harbinger Portent and most, if not all, artwork drawn of Harbinger Portent always contains Clinker somewhere in it.

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Le Gasp! They...they haven't!? What a horrible omission!

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Indeed. This needs to be rectified.

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