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Hardforge the Kingsguard

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Hardforge the Kingsguard

Hardforge was born in year -29,000 (TH) near the Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale. As a young man he befriended Hygrad the Mighty, who delighted in Soulferic Bat Cakes and Bloodfruit Pies crafted by Hardforge's young bride Elymira Daintyflower.


Passionate about the preservation of the magic woods, Hardforge joined Hygrad's Band of Men, who fought side by side against threats to the Mysterwoods, which became Hygrad's adopted home.


In year -28,901 (TH), Hardforge the others of the Band stood watch over Hygrad the Mighty's deathbed and were witness to his prophecy of the First Coming of the Magic Sword King.


As the life faded from Hygrad's eyes, even the manliest of the Band of Men were overcome with emotion and fought back their bitter tears. Hardforge placed his hand upon his lord's forehead and whispered in a quaking voice:


"Your life and your death... have not been in vain, my King... and today we make our Covenant that to the death we shall defend your name... your prophecy... and all Men, have they taints or none at all... in all worlds of the lands in this Landyworld."


"Are we going to have lunch first?" asked Phillyan.


"Yes..." whispered the grieving Kingsguard, "...after lunch."


-- from The Item Guild Wars


The Band didn't break up after their lead slayer died from excessive indulgence. Instead they remade themselves into the mysterious Brotherhood of the King. Hardforge, taking the title of "the Kingsguard" became the new leader of this group.


Hardforge was also the first member of the even more mysterious and secretive Brotherhood of the Second Prophecy.

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