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Hat of Time Recap

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 6 months ago

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The Hat of Time Recap


The Hat of Time Recap is a tall orange stovepipe hat with a mystical four handed clock of moderate size set just over the bill. The hat itself is a powerful artifact of Timesorc'ley, capable of expanding several seconds into several hours, allowing the wearer to inflict rambling, insane, and hours long stories upon the temporally paralyzed forms of their listeners without possibility of interuption, provided the stories involve actions that took place in the past. The drawback is that it also temporally paralyzes the wearer until they finish their story, rant, recap, or whatever, making it effectively useless for assassains and other warrior folk where temporal distortion would be a positive.


While most often seen immediately after the opening of the ElamenSTAR anime being worn by one of the various characters as they launch into a detailed and grueling recap of the last episode, it also appeared upon the head of any and every character immediately before they launch into a overly long and boring telling of their back story, reason for vengeance, description of favorite cheese, etcetra etcetra. Most of the episode recaps were removed, the excess time utilized for the moral and random shots of Zula cutting herself with a expression of almost orgasmic pleasure on her face in The Wizbits Cartoon, and the hat itself airbrushed into various shrubberies, potted plants, furniliars, and domestic animals. It is suspected that a neon orange stovepipe hat was too grotesque, even for James Langomedes.

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