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Hazard Shibboleth

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Hazard Shibboleth


Hazard Shibboleth is a Hatstand of the Totem, and a minor antagonistic character appearing in Book 8.


Hazard is a Free Furniliar, who, judging by his treatment of main story character Asana Millytopthought, most assume to have slain his master, though his true history is never revealed. He claims to be 'unofficial ambassador' to the The Rogue Brewers of Kelembad, but this is never verified.


His primary occupation appears to be, with the help of his criminal gang of wild hatstands, Hazard's Guess, kidnapping and subsequently overfeeding children.


Don't be silly. Hazard clearly has some reason for keeping Asana away from the longsword +π, else why would he spend four days persuading her to go home? -PZ
It's never even implied that Hazard or any of his gang even knew about the existence of the Longsword +π, much less that it was so nearby. -Nathan


Hazard suffers from dysnumeria, which explains the name of his gang, which numbers (at the time of the events in Book 8, anyway) four.

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