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Help Wanted Archive

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Help Wanted Archive


This is where help goes when it isn't wanted anymore


I'd ask that everybody keeps an eye out for weapons, items, events, etc. that use a possessive pronoun or contraction. Hammer of XXXX, YYYY's Hammer, etc. If you run across one of these, try to make sure that the proper name in the item is adequately defined, or the reason for the lack of definition is stated. -tim
These seem to be largely sewn up



The art of Culimancy still has a rather sparse description. Does anyone have any more information? -Heian
Added some functionality and a history of the Dark Culimancers -DragonScholar


Created the episode guide for the Elemenstor Radio Dramas. Anybody want to help flesh out the episodes? -tim
I'll do what I can. - Evan
Thanks! The format you created works nicely. Anybody think it's worthwhile for the episode guides to create the framework for each page in advance? One could go through the wizbits, elemenstor, and radio dramas and fill in the red links, or is it better to leave red links so it's easy to find the uncreated episodes? -tim
I'm all for doing as much as possible, and dropping the frameworks into each page. -- Evan
Ok, an entire stub episode guide for the radio dramas is in place. let's see if the old "if you build it they will come" premise plays out. -tim
So there's an entry and a little bit of info for each episode now (except for moomaa's). Anybody willing to help me flesh out the plot entries for the radio drama episodes? -Tim
Seems to have something for just about every episode now


A little help filling in the last of the flags in Hopebane's castle would be appreciated. Thanks! -tim


Does anybody have any information on the authors linked on the Canon or non-canon page? -tim
I started to complete the names, and I was not the first one to redlink them! - jake
I agree this has been an ongoing problem since this wiki began. There's too much material going uncredited around here. -SamSim
This has more or less been corrected


Went ahead and created the episode guide for ElamenSTAR Shuffle. The episodes are missing their original Japanese names. Most of the episodes need pages, and those that have them lack anything more than a summary. - Unguided
Turns out, there are not japanese titles for this series


I wrote some stuff on The Automated Erotica Production Engine 2000, which I know was a big deal to you fan artists. I would appreciate it if someone more familliar with the whole fan artist uproar can finish it up for me. Thanks. -DIUM


Oh, and Kertrats, if you see this I need your help. I made the Elemenstor Battles Character Creation Rules for the original Elemenstor Battles non-ccg card game that predates the CCG rerelease. The problem is that I couldn't make any sense of the fascinatingly baroque rules of the CCG. If you could help with the Elemenstor Battles Character Creation Rules page to make it consistent with the CCG rules, that would be really cool. ~Pxtl
Did you want me to completely rewrite it to match the game, or just edit it to let it connect more closely with the design I made? ~kertrats
Whichever you prefer - have fun with it. I just made it up so that there would be a substantial difference between the original '89 release and the '96 rerelease, and explain how a conventional card game could be transformed into a CCG while re-issuing the original cards. After all, the idea of a CCG existing in '89 rubbed me the wrong way. I was heavily inspired by Cosmic Encounter in writing it - the "shuffling through the deck to add/remove cards before and after game" thing, plus the "later expansion adds stupid party game rules" was pulled from that. ~Pxtl


There's an inconsistency in the naming of the card game - it has several different names. In some places, it's referred to as Wizbits Elemenstor Battle, and in others Wizbits: Elemenstor Battles. I reconciled this partly with the fact that the original '89 game was known only as Elemenstor Battles, but otherwise it is an inconsistency that needs resolving. -Pxtl


I'm trying to collect the details of the after party at Elemenstorm 2005. I know most of The Council of Elders was there, so if you can remember any details or what parts you played in it that'd be just great.


So The Elemenstor Cycle Books could use a little help... It'd be great if we could get a characters, recurring characters (and perhaps locations?) section for each. I'm having trouble remembering this info for the early books though... anybody? -tim


I've gone and unified the format for all the episodes in The Wizbits Episode Guide, but now there's some big blanks; namely, most of the notes and crew information is missing. If anyone has some time, please go and flesh it out. Thanks. ~ Charmy


If anyone has some spare time, please come and help complete the P&PRPG.-Tanktunker


I feel there is a serious lack of information on The Resundering. It is important (it's a header on the Saga Timeline), so it needs to be fleshed out a bit more. It just seems odd to place most of the details in the Archibald Almalastor page. I've not read too much on the The Resundering, but I know that some of you have read the short stories that were published in pornographic magazines during the late 90's, next to crap like The Sirens of Titan. -saintb


The seventeen final battles of Book 12 need fleshing out.


Someone needs to help me fill out all of the Forge-Kings. -Luggage


I mentioned the Bladeslinger's Song / Blast of Airth / Cap of Refreshment combo from the CCG in the Vel Jinglefist article, but I can't remember the specifics of it, never having been much of a player of the card game. Anyone remember the specifics and care to put 'em up? I also can't remember which expansion the Bladeslinger's Song or Cap of Refreshment cards are from, though I see Blast of Airth was listed in the Sound: Be Gone expansion. ~Shadowtext
Done; see Bladeslinger's Song-Blast of Airth-Cap of Refreshment combo. ~kertrats


I put up a page for Arkazanthal, but it isn't particularly great. It would be appreciated if anyone could add and/or organize information. Thanks


I added a Timeline for The Wandering Age in an effort to deal with a major contradiction; mainly, the Wandering Age and the Wang Era are the same when it has been previously stated the the Wandering Age had no real nations. Of course, now there's a big empty space in the timeline, so if anyone wants to fill it in, it would be greatly appreciated. ~ Charmy


The entry for the Hierarch Wars seems to contain a lot more information than the entries for the books, this could lead to possibly confusing mismatched information.. Anybody else think we should move most of the information into the book pages? -tim
Split the page up so that the books are the definative source of info. -tim


How come Gutenburg doesn't have any complete texts up? Shouldn't that be fixed? (Cracks knuckles inquiringly) - Evan
I had some back-and-forth with the copyright people at Gutenberg. Even though the law says works become public-domain 70 years after the death of the author, and Brahe technically died in 1601, copyright laws weren't created to deal with time paradoxes. In short, Project Gutenburg isn't going to touch this one. -Dizkjy
Nuts! - Evan.
The whole 1601 thing is a Dark Fourteen hoax. - Unguided


If anyone has a copies of the source materials from the RPG adventure packs, I'd appreciate some help in filling in some of the prominent figures, events, and songs from of the Siege of Arkleaf ~ asura


Trying to get rid of the red links on the official Timeline.. any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -tim


Okay, I have a pretty big problem. Approximately (VERY VAGUELY) half of the Swords of Sepathok have a blank line between "Back to the Swords of Sepathok" and "Last Sword Next Sword" and approximately half of them don't. I have no idea which is better. I myself prefer a line between them, but I can easily see most people going the other way. We ought to have an informal vote to decide this. -TychoCelchuuu
I was adding them without the space.. but it is the choice of whoever wants to go through and make them the same. -tim
Made consistent. -JohnEvans


This may be a little silly and nitpicky, but I am currently editing all references to Yoshi Armano to read 'Amano', as Armano is not possible as a Japanese name and I think must be a typo. - Dryope
Search for "Armano" brings up this page, and this page only. Looks like you're all done! -TychoCelchuuu
Not anymore... Armano. ;)
It would appear that there already is a different Yoshi Amano, and it was in fact Yoshi Imano who was the comic artist for ELotH -tim
Yeah, "Yoshi Armano" was that mysterious half-Japanese half-Spanish lucha wrestler character from Una Hora de Acción con los Wizbits! Easy to confuse the two. -Jute Mill


I've written up the three-bottle battles, and I just need a good place to drop the link and a few tall tales ~Jake


Started stubbing out the ELotH comic book page... Need help filling out the issues and...well everything, as I can hardly remember it. When it's done, we'll front-page it I suppose.
Re: Man, I loved those comics... I even scanned some of my favorite panels. Don't mind if I fill what I can? -Jute Mill


I'm having trouble spelling the names of most of the characters from ElamenSTAR Shuffle, the names were mostly Japanese and the bootleg version I found used third rate voice acting instead of being subbed. - Unguided
Thanks to whoever posted the character names, now all I need to do is find the name of the producer of that show and the Wizbits Extreme movie.


Battal's technology level is generally a mishmash, but given Tycho Brahe's love of injokes printing seems defined well enough to work out a consistent timeline. I'm not really sure about any of it though.


If anyone knows of the rest of the Lyrics to the Red Turbo Swamp Slime Raccoon Rider's theme song, feel free to contribute. I'm hitting estate sales of people who died of artichoke paste poisoning looking for video two.
I put the lyrics that I found on the New York fan club's website, but it was only a draft, if anyone can find a final copy of it, it would be great if they could just swap it in.



The new novella Tales of the Forever Road just came out! Could someone help me fill out the pages related to it? I didn't manage to get a copy, but I've heard it's everything that other company's Planescape should have been.


I've started adding next sword/previous sword buttons to the 100 swords of Sepathok. It's freaking boring. I think I got up to Mort's Flaming Butterknife. When I have more time I'll keep going, but if anyone wants to do one or two in their spare time I'd be much oblidged. Obliged? I'd like it, is what I'd be. Just follow the format of the first 18 or whatever. -TychoCelchuuu
100 Swords links are FINISHED. -JohnEvans


When my friend and I first saved up the money to buy one copy of the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG handbook, we split it in half. Unfortunately, I only have several Advantages/Disadvantages/Knacks listed in the portion I have, and I'm having trouble finding descriptions for the remainder. If anyone played and remembers these, or has a full copy of the book, feel free to contribute.


Anybody notice the surprising lack of details about Book 1? I'm having trouble remembering any of the side plots or characters introduced, other than the extensive side quest involving the battlestaff training, of course. -Tim


A while back I spent some time figuring out which Wizbits are which in what versions- I've created a disambig page at Answers finally cleared up here that I think is pretty authoritative. But now somebody needs to go through and clean up the individual character pages to reflect that info, maybe add some standardized headers directing readers to the disambig page. I could use some help fixing it all up, there's a lot of pages to do. -toshi.m


Has anyone played that ELotH:TES FPS that was released last year? I'm not a huge FPS fan so I never played it. I think it was called Elemenstorer. All I remeber is the uncensored furnication cutscreen that Yack Thomas got into a hissy fit over.


The cover-up of the infamous destruction of the CCG expansion set Legends of Infinite Madness and Insanity has been bothering me for some time now; can anybody with insider knowledge shed some light on the topic? I want the whole story told as I was looking forward to LoIMaI's release in order to complete my ultimate deck and am therefore slightly irate about the whole thing. - Unguided


There is a tremendous amount of elothtes history here: http://www.penny-arcade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=204273&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=elemenstor&start=25 that doesn't appear anywhere on the wiki... I think we should mine it and make sure that all of this stuff gets recorded. If not here, then where?


Ok: File Archive is completed. It is not very excitin', but...I will enable FTP access so that other people can add files. ^_^ Just not right now. Yep, yep. ~ Dryope
That would be fine; just be sure to tell everyone where you're putting them so we can put them back up even if you're not around. Thanks a lot ~ Charmy
I volunteer to save files. ^_^ I have way more space and bandwidth than I could ever conceivably use. At least, I'm not even usin' one percent of what I have at the moment...Is this an acceptable plan?~ Dryope


I've been saving a copy of every new file that comes up, but the collection seems to be getting prohibatively large for one person to take care of, not to mention quite ineffective. Can anyone think of an off-site area that they could be archived, and everyone would be able to access them? Someone must have a good web server lying around. ~ Charmy


I reuploaded the b/w wizbits image. Hey... does anybody have any details on the cg elothtes special that I've been hearing about?
The Adventures of Isaac and Raven -tim


Actually i have the uncolored one on another machine, but my cache had overwritten the uncolored one with the new image. I'll probably have the uncolored one up tomorrow. some of the maps were mods of ones i'd originally posted, but weren't in my cache here. I might be able to find them on the previously mentioned machine if the original poster doesn't replace them. -e


It looks like folks are *attempting* a complete card listing. See Wizbits Elemenstor Battle. I would suggest that the listings go under the set headings, as I did with Sound: Be Gone. Check it out, help decide how we want to do this. In the first seven sets there was a lot of good lore in the cards, before MTG ripped the whole thing off and they made the Wizbits version.


I've worked to flesh out the Four Underdogs but they could use a little bit more.

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