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Hemogoblins are evil hominids fused with Blood Elemenstation. Common to the nastier areas of both The Shield and The Sickle, wild hemogoblins are generally considered a nuisance to trading caravans. Standing just over a foot tall on average and looking very little like a goblin, a single hemogoblin poses no threat to all but the weakest travelers. However, they rarely attack alone, preferring to move in small groups known as "clots".


In the wild, hemogoblins form a surprisingly sophisticated social structure, similar to ants or wasps. Dozens of clots (or even hundreds, for large nests), scour well-worn paths through the underbrush looking for food (and the occasional unwary traveler) to bring back to the nest. The nest consists of a network of clay or stone "mounds", at the center of which a single Queen is guarded by a number of large, vicious Drones.


Hemogoblin skins can be tanned into a fine, red-black leather prized by Blood Elemenstors. However, the value of that leather depends on whether it came from a worker, a drone, or, rarest of all, a Queen. No self-respecting Blood Elemenstor would be caught dead wearing worker hemogoblin leather.


Hemogoblins are usually the first summon spell learned by a Blood Elemenstor.


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