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Herd Hammer

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Herd Hammer


Often exceeding ten feet in length, the sacred weapons and totems of the High Bull-Chiefs of the Minotaur were a force to be reckoned with. Herd Hammers would ring and thud amongst the most savage battles of Battal.


These great hammers were passed down from Bull-Chief to Bull-Chief along with his title, sometimes lasting for many generations until broken by battle or the slow decay of age. They are crafted of mighty Battal Oaks, with a great oblong stone fixed to the head for striking, and sometimes a smaller at the opposite end for balance. The Hammer is held together with rope made from the toughest Heaving Tallgrass. Particularly mighty hammers may be bound instead with leather from the skins of Dog-Things.


A Herd Hammer may only be made by the holiest of Minotaur Shaman, and said by his blessings to carry the very power of Mighty Taur. The only Minotaur weapons larger than those of the High Bull-Chief were those of the Hammer Lords, the mightiest of whom, Haul, was said to have carried both his own and his deceased brother's hammer into the Hammer Wars.


A Herd Hammer is like the most precious extension of a Bull-Chiefs body, the one that signifies his very place in society. Thus, it is often referred to as the Third Leg upon which the Bull-Chief stands while watching over the Herd.


Truly an amazing sight was Great MhOOO'rOK of the Hmuuu'mUUUr Herd, the Third Leg of High Bull-Chief Grorr the Hill-Strider. The Cows whispered among themselves that its massive girth and heavy stones had caused many a quaking Dog-Thing to die of fright on the field of battle.

-- Tales of Yorn


Though the weapons of the Hammer Lords would disappear in time, the High Bull-Chiefs of the Minotaur remained formidable warriors of Battal, their Herd Hammers pounding epic rhythms all through the heaving twilight of the world.



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