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Sovereign Elector of Shamanicists of the Shamanic Priest Caste, leader of the scholarly caste of The Four Factions of Arkleaf.


Herrodwyn was a master falconer, as were many of his caste, and a member of the High Council of Arkleaf during its fateful end. During this grim time his musical leanings would express themselves and he would often ponder his fate and the fate of his people in extemporanious song. He famously sang the "Eulogy Song of the High Weaver" after the death of Peladdywynnyd.


Even though the events of the siege weighed heavily on his mind, his major preoccupation was with his ear. During the early days of the seige, he brought forth one of his mightiest hawkfalcons to send forth to survey the field of battle. The eager bird snatched at his ear and partially ripped it off. He fled back to his quarters and bandaged the wound and put on a large and highly ornamental hat. Afraid that seeking some sort of medical aid he may be deemed unfit to lead his caste, so he kept the whole thing quiet. From that time on, never seen without some sort of a hat, the wound refused to heal. After a time it became infected, and he would constantly worry over it while alone, full of the knowledge that it probably would eventually fall off entirely. Hiding his terribly wounded ear which was constantly seeping fluids and was quite grizzly to behold occupied increasingly more and more of his mental energies.


He sang several songs to himself on the subject, most notably, "The Ear, It Hath a Pain Great and Terrible."

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