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Hierarch Wars

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The Hierarch Wars


The collective title for the penultimate three books of Tycho Brahe's Elemenstor Cycle of books. Resoundingly epic in every possible way, just to read the dust jacket of the collected hardcover edition is to hear the sound of a noble army girding itself for war!



Books of the Hierarch Wars

The Hierarch Wars Begin (Colloquially, Elemenstors Gone Wild, Vol. I)

The Hierarch Wars Continue (Colloquially, Elemenstors Gone Wild, Vol. II)

End of the Hierarch Wars (Colloquially, Elemenstors: Spring Break '2,167)


Please note that while some fans commonly refer to these colloquial titles, many feel that their usage cheapens the epic atmosphere that Brahe sought so carefully to imbue the trilogy with.

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