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Beings in the highest plane of the Elmether, the Hierarchs forged the Starborn Gem and The Four Vales, binding in them the essences of the Elemanifestations and their aggregate, Ginormous Soul. From the very depths of the Voidnes which they both preceded and followed, the Hierarchs began the Darkstorm to destroy the Four Vales, thus creating the world of Battal (after a brief hiccup). The smallest particle of their being is incomprehensible even to the highest Elemenstors of High Elemenstation. Only the Highest of the Exalted Highest Elemenstors of High Elemenstation is permitted to even pretend that he believes he understands a fraction of a particle of their being (or non-being).


They are they objects of worship in the Vuksveufa religion and refered to as The Hierarchy.


It is important to note, however, that the Hierarchs are also believed to be a eulithian resonance vector of the Elemenstors themselves flung back into the past. Obviously, this changes the entire nature of the series, indeed allowing both prequels and sequels to be created featuring the same characters, regardless of the Saga Timeline. Thus, speculation has pointed to a fourth season of The Wizbits. In addition, this concept forms the basis of Book 13, which takes place both before and after the Hierarch Wars.


Using the "the elemenstors are the hierarchs" argument is how most fans explain the title to their friends who ask why there are no characters called Hierarchs doing epic things about which there are epic legends being told in The Elemenstor Cycle and related literature.

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