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The Higgerath were a legendary army assembled under the War Banner of Gr'z'tok specifically for the Siege of Arkleaf. The word Higgerath has come to not only signify the army itself, but in a larger context the domain and rule of Gr'z'tok, who used the Siege of Arkleaf as a stage to solidify his rule as the Greatest and Highest of all Chieftains of the Highland Plains.


The greatest and most high of Warchieftains of War Men were summoned by Gr'z'tok for this battle of Great Epicness. Prominent members of the Higgerath include:


The Three Generals of the War Men And One Exulted Highest Bloodchieftain


The Warchiefs and Warchieftains of the Clans


These Chieftains and their armies were the most savage of the War Men, unparallelled in Bloodlustiness. The fearsome Siege of Arkleaf lasted fifty years. The only estimation of the War Men casualties is in one of the many songs of the Book of Lost Legendary Tales:


Tens of tens of thousands pile,

and tens and tens of thousands more,

axes gloaming 'neath the moon,

ringing on the Arkleaf's door...

-- Herrodwyn's "Eulogy Song of the High Weaver"

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