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HopeBane's Hope

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Hopebane's Hope


A sturdy iron helmet covered on the outside with a layer of Peep Down stuffing, complete with a heavy metal nose guard, it was presented to Lord Hopebane by a trio of mysterious Wixie, who claimed that only by wearing the helmet would Lord Hopebane live to conquer all. Lord Hopebane wore it for a few days constantly, then gradually less and less, and finally stopped wearing it at all, for a number of reasons:

  • The helmet was really heavy.
  • Hopebane's Hope had no padding inside, meaning it hurt to sleep in, as well as to to be awake in.
  • The heavy metal noseguard was positioned in such a way that it made it difficult, some say even impossible to gaze lustfully upon enchanted busts of any sort. Since this was in fact one of the primary things Lord Hopebane liked about Lopae of Hopea, he wasn't terribly keen on the idea.

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