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Horn of Demistruct

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Horn of Demistruct

The Horn of Demistruct is the prime weapon -- and instrument -- of choice for Demistructors. It is usually made out of rather jagged granite, and does not sound too good at all. When played too often, it can become a Loud Horn of Demistruct, a Louder Horn of Demistruct, and finally, a Much Too Loud Horn of Demistruct -- in that order.


It has been recorded that a Demistructor once played his Horn of Demistruct one too many times (fifty-six thousand, two hundred and ninety-six times, to be exact), and the Horn transformed into a Nearly Too Loud Horn of Demistructiveness. It has also been recorded that every now and then, a Horn of Demistruct will actually play a harmonious melody that will revive the dead, turn water into a mellow, alcoholic beverage, and basically turn the world into a happier place -- that is, until the Horn starts to play its normal, ugly tune again, which doesn't take too long at all. This rare tune is known as the Melody of Soon-To-Be-Broken Dreams.

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