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The pseudonym of the author of many "radical" conspiracy theorist books, including The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle, which first suggested the existance of The Disilluminati.


Horphious' real name and past are unknown. He is extreamly reclusive and, even though he has made several public appearences, he always appeared in disguise; for example, during his 2005 appearance he appeared wearing mirrored sunglasses, an afro wig, and a shiny black trench coat.


Horphious has wrote many books. He released his first book, Adolf Hitler is Alive and in Montana, in 1986. The New York Times described it as "the insane ravings of a lunatic, who is the literary equivalent of a borderline retarded walrus." (Horphious would later accuse the New York Times of aiding The Disilluminati.)


Horphious went on to write more books, including John F. Kennedy Got Run Over By a Reindeer, Project Denture: The Government Plot to Destroy Natural Teeth, and the extreamly controversal The Danny Phantom Code, which suggested that subtle messages in Danny Phantom cartoons revealed controversal beliefs about Jesus.


However, Horphious most notable contributation came in December 2005, when he wrote The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle. This books suggested that a shadow organization, known as The Disilluminati are behind absolutely everything that has happened that defamed the Elemenstor Cycle, including the Penny Arcade Conspiracy Theory.


Jack Thompson, who Horphious accused of belonging to The Disilluminati, spoke out against this book on an interview, saying "Horphious is an insane (explative deleted) who wouldn't know facts if he was bludgeoned to death with them."


Ironically enough, in early 2006, Horphious was attacked by an enraged fan with a Book of World Facts. Horphious escaped with only minor injuries, claiming it was an attack by The Disilluminati and Jack Thompson. He declared a massive Jihad against Thompson immediately. However, Thompson was booked for Jihads for the next 8 months. At this time, Horphious is currently waiting until Augest 2006 for his scheduled Jihad.

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