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Hygrad the Mighty

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Hygrad the Mighty







Other Names

  • The Mortal Hierarch
  • Leader of the Band of Men
  • The Archetype


Known Relations

  • None



One of the less powerful of the Hierarchs, he incarnated in a mortal body, so he could taste the delicious mortal desserts. Even though weak by Hierarch standards, Hygrad was a mighty warrior. He was said to be about 10 hoofands tall, having broad shoulders, rippling muscles, a handsome face with a mighty beard and dark brown hair. He also wielded a large hammer which according to legend may in fact be Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer. He organized the Band of Men, the first group of heroes of the fledgling species of Men and created the primary archetype for all such future groups.


Ultimately, Hygrad ate so many roasted Soulferic Bats, that he got sick of Soul Indigestion. His doctor, Gint the Wise, was unable to comprehend his mystical Mortal/Hierarchical body, could do nothing to help him, so Hygrad died, not before telling his Band of Men of the future birth of the first Magic Sword King (this was known as the prophecy of the First Coming of the Magic Sword King), and then just before breathing his last, making a Second Prophecy only to Hardforge the Kingsguard. While not worshipped he is revered by Brotherhood of the King when it was in existance and by The Brotherhood of the Second Prophecy.



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