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The discovery of Ice Elemenstation came about shortly after Water Elemestation was brought into the world. Ice Elemenstation represents nothing other than (historically the point of view the Ice Elemenstors hold to) being better than Water Elemestation. Blessed with the ability to change water from its liquid form into solid form, the Ice Elemenstors are on a constant quest to make all water "Unliquid". Their tomes read that once this happens, "the Magical Spell will be broken." It is unknown what the "Magical Spell" in question is. Ice's symbol in the CCG is the "Suck It, Water" Unliquid Drop.


A very talented Water Elemenstor named Resc Vored started a faction called The Brotherhood of the Unliquid Water. They devoted all of their time to harnessing the power of Ice and making sure all that was liquid became "Unliquid". A more casual arrangement is the Ice Appreciation Club of the Cerulean Citadel.


An Ice Elemenstor is known as a Betterthanwatermenstor.


In actuality, Ice gears are much less varied than Water gears (something that Ice Elemenstors never want to talk about), and are almost all offense-oriented. Those that are not seem to exist for the sole purpose of ticking off Water Elemenstors in some way.


The most recent recorded Ice Grand Elemenstor is Flohbuib Maqular (Pronounced "Floapz Mazling")



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