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Immenstor's Jaunty Hat

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Immenstor's Jaunty Hat

Immenstor was a rare member of his race, a Giant with the gift of Elemenstation, he was a bit of a hermit and stayed away from both other Giants, and other Elemenstors.


It is said that everywhere Immenstor went, he took along with him a jaunty hat, a spiffy little construction of felt and leather with a nice little feather that was no bigger than a little man's head, yet the giant wore on his own with pride. It was said that all who saw him in this jaunty hat said that he looked "Quite dapper" while thundering about the countryside.


After Immenstor's death, it was rumored that a peasant boy had found his jaunty hat, and all who saw this peasant boy decided that he was "Quite dapper", and thus he was elevated above the rank of peasant.


It is said this former peasant (The artist formerly known as peasant boy) was later killed by a group of Orcs (who may in fact have been War Men), and their chieftan took this hat. Many people who had their villages burnt down and their people slaughtered by this marauding band of Orcs commented that though vile and savage, their chieftan looked "Quite dapper"


The fate of the jaunty hat is unknown as of this day.


Immenstor's Jaunty Hat is, strangely enough the focus of the ELotH:TES RPG Module, wait for it... Immenstor's Jaunty Hat.


The module charges the players with braving the Wildlands of Battal, the Plane of Snakes, several successive tribes of angry humanoid monsters of every conceivable type, two Dragons, a Peanut Elemental, and a Dark Elemenstor with near godlike powers, just to retrieve Immenstor's Jaunty Hat.


The module has been praised as challenging, inventive, and incredibly fun to play, the only criticism it has ever received is that after such an Epic quest, the players only get one reward: Immenstor's Jaunty Hat.


The game rules for the hat are quite simple, they read as follows:


Immenstor's Jaunty Hat: Placing this hat upon your head instantly makes you gain the Epic Change: Quite Dapper.

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