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Institute Of Accoutermentia

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The Institute Of Accoutermentia

A school of Elemenstation in Ezermethalon. One of the Fathom League Schools.


All incoming Freshman students are required to take a course which emphasises the dangers of Dark Elemenstation, which sets the pace for the rest of the curriculum, which centers on not only how to perform Elemenstation, but also its role in a moral society. This of course leads to much interest in Dark Elemenstation, a topic the students would otherwise probably have ignored.


Upon joining the school, the Freshman students are also distributed among the four houses through the use of a transchanted Remaindering Hat. Four houses were established, and are advertised in the school's literature as:


Gilgamar Smith, founder of Gilgamar house, originally suggested that a house specifically allocated for the purpose of warding evil elemenstors was a poor idea. However, after his untimely murder, opposition to the house waned, and it has existed ever since.


Notable Alumni


Notable Staff

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