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Item Death Squad

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The Item Death Squad


The Item Death Squad is a militaristic police sect of the Item Law Makers Guild charged with the capturing, detaining and full execution of all that would dare break the Item Laws.


The Item Death Squad is an entirely self-run organization, and although they do regulary execute criminals found by members of the Item Law Makers Guild, they truly answer and are commanded by one, the head of the Item Law Makers Guild, the Grand Chief Itemstrator.


The Item Death Squad is comprised totally of a rogue sect of Dolphinthropes who's hatred of humanity had subsided after years of following the very first Grand Chief Itemstrator, Lord Ghor Gon Zolma, after he saved the tribe's Chieftan from a particulary nasty case of finrot. Since that day they vowed to answer to the Grand Chief Itemstrator, whoever that may be


Once the Item Death Squad receives world from the Grand Chief, or any guild members, that a person or persons is in violation of the Item Laws, justice is brought upon them, quickly and severly. One or more operatives are sent to the convicted and execute him or her via a bite to the major life sustaining organ, which is then placed in the hand of the convicted. This gruesome scene, when discovered, marks the dead as one in violation of the Item Laws. The dead can not be buried in any sacred or holy, or unholy ground. They may not be cremated with holy or unholy fire, and may not be fed to any creature. For all eternity they must be forgotten. Remembering a convicted is a finable offense. The dead body must be thrown into some sort of building material such as mortar or concrete and hidden from the view of all living things till the end times.


All executions are kept on file at the head office to deter anyone from commiting copycat murders and handing the blame to the death squad. Records of execution may be viewed by everyone, including the public, for seventy-three minutes every one hundred forty-four years.


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