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Item Laws

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Item Laws


The items of the world are all under the Iron Fist of the Item Law Makers Guild. All Magical items must meet the following requirements or else they are marked as "illegal" and those who own/wear/sell/make said items are then marked for death by the Item Death Squad. The following are the top 10 rules. Please understand that the Rules the Item Law Makers Guild has established go into the hundreds. This is just a taste of the laws that you will learn about. Please understand this! The laws NEVER contradict themselves. All of the laws created by the Item Law Makers Guild are pure and exist above any court.


  1. Every Magical item (Classified in section 1a) Created Must Have an original name.
    1. Magical Items are classified as the following: Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Toe Ring, Earring, Nose Ring, Any armor of any kind (helm, bracers, chest piece, gloves, boots, cloak, etc...), Any kind of Weapon (Sword, dagger, axe, hammer, staff, wand, rod, etc...), Any ring or stud that is forced into a place on the body by way of a sharp/non-sharp/relatively sharp/"X Sharp" (Note: "X Sharp" is noted as being sharpness that exists on both the positive and negative scale of sharpness. X Sharp is at the same time a representative of the very most sharp that can be gauged and also the most dull that an item can be gauged at) piece of metal going through said part of said body in order that said stud might be used as decoration and or non-decoration for the sole purpose of gaining the following: Attribute bonus, immunity, Plus to any Elemenstation, Minus to any attribute for an opposing Elemenstors base abilities, including but not limited to any areas in the magical and/or non-magical related to magical and/or non-magical areas in a magical or non-magical realm/instance in which said item will be and/or won't be used should the item require said item be used with or with out the knowledge of said Elemenstor and or non-Elemenstor.
  2. The item's name must describe every aspect of what abilities and/or non-abilities said item might and/or might not have.
  3. Should the items name already be taken it is the responsibility of the creator of said item to come up with an original name within 7 business days of the item being submitted to the Item Law Makers Guild for review, in order for the item to be allowed to be considered for circulation.
  4. If the creator of said item isn't able to create a new name for said item due to the fact the the current possible names for said item are currently in use, it is the creators responsibility to add a new magical ability to said item within 2 buisness days of the item being submitted to the Item Law Makers Guild in order for it to be considered for re-submission to the Item Law Makers Guild. In the unfortunate event that the creator of said item isn't able to meet the 2 buisness day dead line for item re-submission, they will be fined 5,000 gold pieces and will not be able to resubmit said item for 894 business days.
  5. The Item must be equipped with a Lixi Gem
  6. The item created must be submitted to the Item Law Makers Guild for review within 30 days of the items creation
  7. The creator of said item agrees to pay the Item Law Makers Guild 45% of the total sale of said Magical item.
  8. The creator of said item must keep track of said item via the Lixi Gem until the death of said creator of said item.
    1. Should the creator of said item die (for whatever reason) complete ownership of said item is turned over to the Item Law Makers Guild.
    2. If said owner of said item (see section 7) turns in the change of ownership form for said item to the Item Law Makers Guild within 30 days of said creators death the new beneficiary will gain all rights and or non rights, regulations, requirements, and responsibilities to said item.
  9. Should the item in question come under some kind of legal questioning the creator of said item will accept any and all legal fees attached to said item. The creator of said item agrees that the Item Law Makers Guild is not responsible for anything ever, and that they are always in the right regardless of whatever the creator of said item decides to and/or not do with said created and/or not created items that they either have or haven't created.
  10. The Item Law Makers Guild are given full rights to do whatever they wish with any and all items that are submitted to them for acceptance into the world. The creator officially gives all power regarding control/ownership/etc. of said item which is being submitted to the Item Law Makers Guild to the Item Law Makers Guild at which point they will own said item completely and not be required to pay any amount of income to said creator in any respect at any point in time.


NOTE: This is just a sample of the hundreds of Item Laws that exist in the world. Please see the High Ultimate Item Law book of Item Laws for a more complete list of Item Laws.

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