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Jubilee of the New Year

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Jubilee of the New Year

This holiday is celebrated, primarily by practitioners of Ronardity, at the beginning of each year (on the 1st of Primanary) and honors the birth of King Ronard. There are usually gatherings in town squares and dancing. It is also customary for guests to give a gift to thier hosts as well. But, as so many holiday stories go, "[The Jubilee of the New Year] isn't about presents or dancing, it's about revenge.".


Originally, the holiday was celebrated in the truest spirt of the holiday people honor King Ronard, who believed himself superior to others and was fond of smiting those with better magic swords then him with his Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer. People found others, particularly those whom they think think that they're better then them, and smote them. Severe offenses met retribution with cerimonial copies of Ronard's Hammer, while most were lesser and would just merit a smiting with a piece of stale bread.


Over the years, the holiday became commercialized, people singing the songs, but just the catchy refrains, and not the verses that detail the bloodier exactments of revenge. Inflatable novelty hammers became the norm, with everyone wielding one around this time of year. Even the presence of Ronard has been all but eliminated from most Jubilee celebrations, instead focusing on the tall, bespectacled most likely fictional character of Saint Jubilous (dressed in his blue winter garbs), who collected taxes from his enemies, rather than smiting them at all.


There are the hardcore who encourage everyone to remember the "real meaning of Jubilee" and go out actually smiting, and this is the moral and focus of most seasonal Jubilee morality plays.


The traditional food of the hammer driven holiday is of course... Ham.


"Believer, you have forgotten the true meaning of Jubilee. Neither is it ham, nor pomp. Nay, the true meaning of Jubilee is drinking. Drinking and revenge." -- Ghost of King Ronard, Book 13


Good King Ronard was of course referring to "iarba roo begol-vix-zekkot, bru'stoove lopok aynikkoree".


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