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Born of the line of King Ronard, the 37th son of King Fonard. Early in Julipon's life his father was killed during The Longest Moment. Without Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer to act as a symbol, the royal family couldn't agree upon a sucessor to the throne. Eventually Fonard's 37 sons fought to the death for the crown. After fighting for 33 hours, Juilpon's last brother died of exhastion and Juilpon, who had been curled up in a ball the entire time was made the next Magic Sword King.


Juilpon had had so much sucess with his "curling up into a ball" tactic that he used it whenever possible. It was not successful. Soon afer he took the throne the Spica Wars broke out and war started with a dozen sides fighting for resources.


King Julipon's decendants

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