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Kalechio, the Thousand-Armed Death Goddess







Other Names

  • Hot Emo Goddess
  • Fan Girl of Co'ner
  • Lady of the Bright Moons
  • Whirlwind of Thousand-Armed Death


Known Relations



Usually depicted as a utterly beautiful raven haired woman in black dress with a thousand arms, all holding a weapon. Currently she only has nine-hundred and ninety-seven arms after attempting to use the Omnisword. Likes depressing music with lots of angst and collecting hats. Her half brother was the near mortal Gespechio. She also appears to have briefly dated the deity Ulythyan.


She was such a fan of the Indie'Ahn Bard, Co'ner the Bright Eyed, that she granted him Absolute Immortality, erasing his name from all the books of the various Death Gods of Battal and the rest of the universe itself, which predictably attracted the attention of Eslovat Soul Hunters which Kalechio battled and defeated them, although the nature of the battle and the specifics of how this was possible are vague.


Her name is regularly invoked by angsting teenagers in complaints to their parents. Also she is invoked at someone's death, in the hope that she won't be so depressed she will send them to Underhell. She is also invoked in melee warfare to help the combatant strike sure and to not lose a limb.



  • Kalechio Cuts Off Ulythyan's Balls
  • Kalechio Giver of Absolute Immortality
  • The Lay of Kalechio by Co'ner the Bright Eyed
  • Players of Battal
  • The Start

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