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Kang Chi-Nu the Perverted

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Kang Chi-Nu the Perverted


Kang Chi-Nu is the 7th of the High August Jade Lotus Emperors. He is quite beautiful and exceedingly vain: His first decree when he ascends the throne is to demand that all the walls of the palace be replaced with mirrors so that he can always admire himself.


He threw out all the old and unattractive courtiers and advisors, opting to only surround himself with the young and the beautiful, regardless of intelligence or experience.


He also required that every concubine and catamite in his palace to attempt to look exactly like him, even if that meant painful and dangerous surgery. Any who failed to replicate his beauty were sold off at bargain prices. This drove more than one young man and woman to suicide rather than be sold for a humiliatingly low price.


He hosted many parties for the powerful nobles of the land, all of which seemed to involve his seraglio to perform humiliating dances and which all ended in orgies and a drunken Kang Chi-Nu declaring, "There's enough of me to go around. Hehehe."


Eventually his look-alikes conspired to murder him and the leader, a tiny girl of no more than 17 named Wei Keiling, attempted to take the throne. However, even though Kang Chi-Nu's advisors didn't seem to think it odd that he had suddenly shrunk and grown breasts, they did find it odd that the Emperor suddenly stopped caring about his appearance and decreed that all concubines and catamites were henceforth free and would be given land at his expense.

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