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Ke Peirui the Conqueror of Harlots

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Ke Peirui the Conqueror of Harlots


The tale of Ke Peirui, and his epic conquest of the Harlots, is the third tale in the Oriental Tales of the Wang Kingdom.


Ke Peirui was a direct descendant of Wang Yi the Magnificent Bastard, first Emperor of the Wang Kingdom. With the passing of the seventh Emperor, Kang Chi-Nu the Perverted, the remaining imperial powers were ousted by Fang Shu of the Long Wang Pass and his army of Harlots, Ke Peirui, who was but a young boy at the time, was spirited away to the small town of the Miyazaki, where those who escaped the slaughter of the Imperial Palace taught him the arts of battle and war.


How people who failed to protect their own palace managed to teach such great skill to the young Emperor is not known.


Many years later, Ke Peirui roused an army in an effort to win back the palace from Fang Shu. Known as the Battle of the Falling Cherry-Blossoms, the conflict lasted fifteen hours before the last sword was sheathed. In the end, Ke Peirui was victorious. He ruled the Wang Kingdom with great success for the rest of his life.

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