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King Blontyak

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King Blontyak

Born: 6,003 (TMSK)

Died: 6,092 (TMSK)

Reign: 6,034 (TMSK)

A Magic Sword King of the line of Ronard, united much of northern Battal during his reign. Although not as successful in uniting lands as King Sc'rch'drth of old, it is possible that his slightly less ambitious goals are what contributed to his substantially longer rule. The kingdom over which he presided was the largest seen in the lands in more than 1,500 years, and included Mandleclang, a revitalized Portund into which he poured much of the kingdom's tax revenue, the region which would come to be known as Ezermethalon, and the lands of Terle.


He also used the lands of Portund (which he referred to as his "seat of western power") as a staging point to launch daring raids into the lands of Grammelgrap, which he was certain he could tame and bring under his rule, although he was never successful. None the less, the times were prosperous, and the wars far off, so the era is regarded as a time of youthful exuberance and daring adventure, all with the backdrop of a safety net of stability.


Interestingly, schooled in hand-to-hand combat, Blontyak was said to have been master of the "cheap hit", often striking foes when their back is turned or they are unarmed or on the ground. One of the few assassination attempts made on the king was by a Chaos Sloth Ninja, whom he famously struck after deftly dodging its killing blow.


Blontyak died of pneumonia in his 89th year, three weeks before his 90th birthday. His son Yockleblont died young without producing an heir. He was suceeded by his grand nephew, King Yackleson the son of his nephew Blantyock who was his sister Princess Hetchalech's son.

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