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King Kayfabe

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King Kayfabe

King Kayfabe was a quite handsome King with a full head of long blonde hair and bulging biceps. Sometimes referred to his arms as "Anacondas". Thought to be an amazing "Warrior" but, in the tradition of past Kings, was later found to have staged all of his fights to make himself look better.


Thought to have been poisoned in his sleep with the magic sword Poisondeath, Scourge of Life by the assassin Jastevi. His kingdom subsequently plunged into chaos, thus proving how important and neccessary his presence was. Succeeded by the Godhead King, Our Lord Thy Saviour, His Holiness: Gunther Gelmy who was liked at least twice as much as King Kayfabe, at least in his own mind.


Interesting Facts

  1. His whole name is "King Fabian Kayfabe." King was, in fact, his first name. That's an easy call when your parents are royalty.
  2. Actually never wore a hair piece made of a badger, despite rumours to the contrary
  3. Oppressed at least one would-be successor, Mondra the Runner

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