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King Pomcloud

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See Also: Mo-pi, Vhadxi


King Pomcloud


Born in 953, (TMSK) the young prince of the realm attended the best schools for assassins in all of Graha. He quickly became a star pupil capable of stalking the less adept of his tutors unnoticed and with relative ease, leading to several embarrassing situations where he would be marked absent from class only to quote the entire lesson1 when summoned before the Head.


He also excelled at swordsmanship, his natural speed and assassin's guile doubtless serving him in this discipline too. It was during one such sparring session that the young prince discovered the opposite sex following a particularly fancy attack that left his opponents clothes in a somewhat more revealing state that she would have preferred. This allegedly lead to several clandestine romps through the girls dormitories, but due either to his stealthy abilities or his status as a prince2 no concrete accusations have ever surfaced.


All of this ability produced a strong, powerful King who excelled in combat, delighted in entertaining his court3 and was very, very difficult to assassinate. He finally met his end at the hands of the Vampyre Lord Vhadxi in 1003, (TMSK) but not before he bested the Lord's General Mo-pi, sending him tumbling off a high cliff onto The Impossible Spire.4


1 Accounts may be slightly inflated.

2 Or possibly because the girls in question really enjoyed his attentions.

3 ier's wives

4 this tall cliff was actually considerably shorter than The Impossible Spire, upon which Mo-pi impossbily fell to his death due to the powerful pull of the Field of Impossibility that emanated from it.

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