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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 79 (Nastiness Incarnate) for a Hot Female Kitsune Who Wishes to Learn About Love to 281 (Incomprehensibly Nasty) for an Army of Male Kitsune Who Look Like Females Wearing Scarves Made of Crushed Kittens


See Kitsune.


Borrowed from Japanese folklore, the Kitsune depicted in Oriental Tales of the Wang Kingdom depart somewhat from their source material. Their natural form is still that of a nine-tailed fox, but rather than mere magical fox spirits who can take human form, the Kitsune of Battal are full-fledged shapeshifters with minor Elemenstation capabilities (usually, though not exclusively, Fire). Their shapeshifting capacity seems to be absolute; they are not limited by mass, volume, density, or chemical makeup, let alone gender or age, but they do seem limited to animal shapes (no vegetables, no minerals, no amorphous blobs or the like). They can only reproduce with one another.


While neither naturally good or naturally evil, the Kitsune do refuse to deal with Oni, who they detest and enjoy devouring when they can manage it. This fact is employed to ironic effect in Wizbits: Elemenstor High Episode 5, when an evil Kitsune plans on selling the students of her class as meat to a gang of hungry Ogres; "Oni" (ÚČ╝) is often translated as "Ogre" although "Demon" is probably a better fit.


Because they can become any creature or race, they are extremely dangerous when provoked. However, they are also highly clever and pride themselves on their intelligence. Insinuating that a Kitsune is "cheating" by turning into a Dragon or some such and using brute force instead of intelligence to triumph in battle will usually result in the Kitsune assuming a more "evenly matched" form, whether the Kitsune is good or evil. Most good Kitsune will even agree to scale combat down to a contest of wits so long as their home or kin are not in danger. Note that Kitsune are as individual as any sentient race and so these generalizations do not always hold true, much to the dismay of those Samurai who relied on the tales only to find themselves devoured by dragon-shaped Kitsune.


Because of their ability to shapeshift, Kitsune are especially prized as Geisha/Gaysha. However, there was at least one Samurai Kitsune who traveled briefly with the Cardboard Tube Samurai of legend.

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