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Knack: Footrubs



With Knack:FootRubs, you give the best damn footrubs in the land. People's eyes roll backwards into their heads when you go to work. Damn, you're good.


Characters with this Knack can choose to attempt giving a footrub once per day. Footrubs can only be given to NPCs who are not hostile or children. Footrubs can not be given to party members.


One with Knack:


To give a footrub, the giver must pass a persuasion check. If passed, the footrub is accepted and the reciever will be considerably more friendly.


  • Recipient's You alignment is automatically shifted to Up.
  • A chance for romance!


If persuasion check is failed, however, you will be seen as a Sleazy McSleazerton.


  • Recipient's You alignment is automatically shifted to Mid if Up, and Down if Mid.
  • You're not getting any tonight.


Gaining Knack

Requirements for adding this knack to your character. Usually gained by spending quest points gained through adventuring.
  • qp cost: 1 points
  • required stat: 13 Dexterity


Losing Knack

Knacks can be lost as a result of an epic change to your character.

The following epic changes to your character will remove your ability to have the knack for Footrubs:


Whoops. You're right, Tanktunker. Nevermind. I was thinking about the latest rulebook revision. -saintb
Hiss, yes.-Tanktunker

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