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Knights of the Epic Quill

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Knights of the Epic Quill


The most prominent online website, mailing group, and forum for ELoTH:TES Fan Fiction. It is a gathering place for many aspiring authors. The group also tries to analyze the symbolism, character development, and timeline of The Elemenstor Cycle, and has a series of essays on said subjects.


Although the Forum is a free-for-all of fanfiction posting, the main website for the club has surprisngly high standards for a Fan Fiction site, and things such as Vampyre Ninja vs Werewolf Pirate are ridiculed and deleted.


Fan Fiction that does make it in must go through a rigorous editing process. One that some argue, is more thorough than the one performed on the actual works of Tycho Brahe.


This has caused a splinter group of members to form the controversial group known as The Proofreaders.

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