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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 169 (Incomprehensibly Nasty)


Once normal sperm whales and other sea creatures frolicked in the waters off the coast of the Wang Kingdom, however the testing of Bassal gears in the waters there by irresponsible but powerful Elemenstors (specifically: Fatty Truman) bombarded the local wildlife with waves of mutational Life energy, killing many of them.


But one mighty beast would not die, instead growing to enromous size and mutating into a monster that later became known as "Kurilla", a Wangese combination of the words for "big and furry" and "death in the ocean". Kurilla is as far as anyone knows, the only member of its species. That species being a massively mutated amphibious creature that has aspects of sea turtle, sperm whale, orca whale, dragon, and gorilla mixed into a single mass of hulking destruction.


Kurilla towers over even the largest fortresses, his very breath can destroy an army, and he's got a short temper. Although at first a walking, breathing, and swimming holocaust covered in fur, Kurilla has tamed himself over the years, developing a sense of national pride and a competitive nature. It swims throughout the oceans of Battal, looking for other freakish abominations to challenge and destroy in honorable battle.


Kurilla has a number of notable and Epic powers at his disposal, as a result of his Elemenstation-related origins. His trademark ability is his electricity-based breath, being able to spit out huge blasts of Lightning from some source deep within. Kurilla also has exceptionally durable fur, able to repel magma, all mundane weaponry, and all but the most powerul gears. Kurilla has also been shown to posess low levels of Air, Ice and Water control - storms of lightning, ice, and snow seem to follow him when he becomes particularly enraged. Kurilla seems to be incredibly long-lived, having survived for several thousand years after his initial birth.


Also, it enjoys a lot of krill and squid. Much of The Shushipodia Empire is kept busy with thinking of new ways to just keep the damn thing away from their cities.


Wangokyo is attacked by Kurilla so often, that he has been declared a city landmark, and there are huge sections of the metropolis roped off as "playgrounds" for the great beast.


Although several organizations have attempted to figure out some way of killing Kurilla once and for all, but they are usually stopped by endangered animal legislators who note that as the only member of his species, he must be protected at all costs.

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